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Arlo's Lawncare provides quality service to residential and commercial properties in the Eugene and surrounding areas. Whether you own a business and want your property to look inviting to customers, or want to spruce up the atmosphere of your private residence, Arlo's Lawncare will do a quality job at a fair price.


"Very dependable, does a great job, and is a super nice guy! Highly recommend!"


"We are so happy with the job Arlo did at a competitive price! Our yard was becoming overgrown with weeds and he did an excellent clean up job. We will surely use his services again seasonally! Thank you Arlo."


"Arlo always does a great job. Shows up on scheduled days like clockwork and keeps our yard and property looking great."

- J. Williams


Hi! I'm Arlo- born in Eugene, I moved away for a while but could no longer resist the pull of the great PNW. I've always been outdoorsy and enjoy getting my hands in the dirt. After working for a few landscape companies, I decided to do my own thing about 5 years ago and haven't looked back! I'm a one man show but have help available for bigger jobs. I understand the importance of having a yard that you enjoy and want to spend time in. It's good for the soul!

When I'm not sprucing up yards, I like to spend time outdoors and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working outside and being my own boss. I look forward to helping you get your yard in shape!

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